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pour l'exposition Noite,

TARS Gallery, Bangkok

Anesthesia. I had expected to feel warm, but not that much. Walking in the streets, is like being in a sauna. I mean, it's almost the same. Water, water, water everywhere. Surrounded with it, day and night.


Images floating under my hair make it look like algae stuck to my forehead.


The night is the only moment that sips through my inattention. Smoking a cigarette behind TARS, with my friend Tukay, we talk about something that overwhelms us: night diving. After a deep breath: To-kay, To-kay, To-kay, repeats Tukay for a long-time.


A good friend you can listen to for hours. Just being lazy next to him relaxes me.


Time for a ride. An easy one. Street food is really welcome! Expecting something fresh I'll try some papaya salad. Som Tum! Khop Kun Krap! Two seconds later: Watery eyes, runny nose…………water again; I should be used to it by now.


Going back the way I came, I dream of a bath in a big swimming pool. Or maybe not, maybe I should go on (till later…)






















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