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pour l'exposition Two round to be one

FELT Galleri, Bergen

The lights turned off. I was starving!


My new friend S. invited me for a dinner at a nice restaurant. Yes, first thing I visited was a restaurant. Not so bad! Once inside looking to the menu, letters looked like shapes. They compose forms and food has no image, literally. I was too lazy to make a choice. S. made it for me and we just had to wait, drinking a fresh IPA.


(White space)


The plate arrived compiled by roundness. A yummy round neck.


(Chewing on the white space)


In front of us, two curious creatures featured something. Two perfect round bodies. I think they were there for hours, being one.


(Chewing on the white space)


Delicious! I felt so round! Ready to roll on the bed and become a sort of Taco.

Walking home the sky was clear and till now, I am still waiting for rainy Bergen.

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