My practice is twofold; it addresses function and dysfunction and seeks to link the living and the inert. Wandering as an observer: I seek to reconstruct what I see, what I come across, what I find. Objects found on these trajectories are thus transformed, assembled and preserved giving them a new value and identity.


Surrounding myself with elements in a state of limbo - abandoned, residual, consumed objects, representations of surfaces, patterns, old skins - I attempt to build choreographies between objects and images. In this process, I invoke the latency and materiality of bodies, preserving their marks, scars, traces of time and emotional remnants ; fostering dialogues between synthetic and organic elements. The works thus take on a mummified appearance, as if they were wrapped with a substance that keeps them between life and death.


Aliments are often introduced in my work as an image of the metabolism : a path where ingredients are absorbed and transformed into energy for life processes, body changements and the flux of emotions.



Bruno Silva