Two round to be One, vue de l'exposition personnelle, FELT GallerI, Bergen, 2016

Two round to be One, exhibition view

peinture de Tom Wøbbekind, eau, mousse, plumes, chaire et os, courtesy Pingvinen Bar/Restaurant

painting from Tom Wøbbekind, water, moss, feather, flesh and bones, Courtesy Pingvinen Bar/Restaurant

  Page de Route 9

The lights turned off. I was starving!


My new friend S. invited me for a dinner at a nice restaurant. Yes, first thing I visited was a restaurant. Not so bad! Once inside looking to the menu, letters looked like shapes. They compose forms and food has no image, literally. I was too lazy to make a choice. S. made it for me and we just had to wait, drinking a fresh IPA.


(White space)


The plate arrived compiled by roundness. A yummy round neck.


(Chewing on the white space)


In front of us, two curious creatures featured something. Two perfect round bodies. I think they were there for hours, being one.


(Chewing on the white space)


Delicious! I felt so round! Ready to roll on the bed and become a sort of Taco.

Walking home the sky was clear and till now, I am still waiting for rainy Bergen.



Page de Route 9

Belia, parapluie de Belia, gélatine

Belia’s umbrella, gelatin

Tatiana, bureau de Tatiana, vernis en spray, trace de la main de Bruno

Tatiana’s desk, spray lacquer and Bruno’s hand trace

    Petra, feuille de salle oublié dans la poche de Bruno

exhibition sheet forgotten in Bruno’s pocket

     FELT, cale-porte de la galerie, impression laser n/b, acétone

gallery dock door, b/w laser printing, acetone